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Performance of Global Teams


In economy where more than 40% of companies outsource operations you need special skills to deliver performance of your multicultural teams. 

Leadership of global diverse teams
Global career talent management

Recruiting Global Talent


More than ever success depends on attracting top global talent.

Get competitive edge by matching your company with the best force for international operations.  


Organizational Culture


So, you think you know your Organizational Culture? 

What you don't know is whether your culture supports or hinders your strategic goals. 

Change strategy Hofstede corporate culture
Cross-border M&As value strategy Hofstede-global-business

Value of M&As


Culture factors are among the top 5 reasons why Mergers and Acquisitions succeed, or not.

Make yours a success story.  



Negotiations across Nations


Among the top priorities of CEOs is global, or international expansion. 

Success in negotiations happens in a different way around the world depending on national Culture.  

Cross-border sales negotiations Hofstede


Global Marketing


In the age of globalization, the World Consumer is defined more than even by Culture of Origin.


You have to understand the deep values driving people in order to create targeted and effective marketing campaigns for global consumers. 

Global marketing advertising consumer value Hofstede

Culturebox is a Los Angeles based consultancyassociate partner of Hofstede Insights, authorized to apply the 6-D Hofstede Model in Culture for Business. 

We specialize in ad hoc consulting on all aspects of National and Organizational Culture for business, as well as on value-based Global Consumer Marketing.

Our hands-on areas of expertise include a number of countries form Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe, CIS-Russian area, Central Asia, the Balkans, the Caucasus and the Middle East. 

Hofstede global management

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