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Global Management

Global Marketing and the World Consumer

Culture is a system of behavior codes that distinguish one group of people from another.

Culture reflects the deeply ingrained values of people - their undertsanding of what is acceptable or not, what is good or bad, what is desirable or repulsive. Culture is the key to identity. But there is the catch. Each individual carries numerous identities: we are one person when we do social communication, another when we are at the workplace, still other when going shopping. 

It is vital for marketers to understand the specific behavior codes which define the preferences and the choices consumers make. These codes vary widely from country to country, and from one social group to another. 

There is no such thing as "Global Consumer" - but there are Consumers around the World and Global Marketing helps get the key to what drives them.

Our data-driven research provides the ultimate base of consumer values, covering 63 key markets around the world.

We are able to give digital expression to things like:

  • identity

  • curiosity

  • emotional expression

  • need for information

  • badge appeal, and more 


With our help marketers use data to quantify which markets are culturally consistent and where differences lie.

Thus, they can identify where and how consumers are likely to react to brand messages in certain ways.

Spotting where cultures differ, they can decide how to modify marketing campaigns to successfully transfer operations between world markets.

Who it is for

For marketing and advertising professionals involved in cross-border projects

We offer data-driven solutions based on the worldwide research work provided by our partners.


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