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Leadership of Multinational Teams

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When everybody in a team speaks the same language managers often make the assumption that they think in the same way. But this is not so. People put into the same English or German words different meanings - based on the different mental programming that is conditioned since birth by their culture of origin. 

We are uniquely positioned to command the combined consequences of National and Organizational Culture for global business management.

Leadership of Multinational Teams

We design and deliver programs which develop leadership skills on a new competence level - leading effectively in a globalized world economy.

Our data-driven approach tests both teams and leaders and based on results provides solutions about how to get the job done across different cultures in the world. 

Through our interactive workshops, research-based analytics, coaching interventions and case studies, you learn the basics of Global Leadership:  

  • how is the effective boss supposed to lead according to different cultural views

  • what is expected of a good employee

  • how to communicate in multinational teamwork

  • concepts of time, schedule and deadlines in different working cultures

  • attitudes to rules, structure, technical discipline, paperwork

  • decision-making, persuasion and presenting in various cultural contexts

  • values, motivation and engagement of diverse workforce

      and more.

Leadership of Multinational Teams


Understand group behavior       Adaptation of style        Best Practices


We provide insights into the particular interactions within teams of people from various cultural origin. Our programs aim at training managers of such teams to capitalize on diversity in order to get the maximum perfromance of their teams.


Participants achieve these goals through creative adaptation of leadership styles and tapping into a pool of best practices.

  Modules we typically cover:

  • Composing distributed teams - best practices

  • Interpretation of hierarchy and group association through diverse mind settings

  • National mindsets differences explored - instruction, delegation, control, feedback

  • Handling and sharing of knowledge

  • Differences in perceptions of communication elements - time orientation, verbal and non-verbal language, body space conventions

  • Differences in structuring accountability

  • Motivation of diverse workforce - engagement, rewards, corrective action

  • Presentation skills in intercultural encounters

  • Adaptation of organizational culture to local conditions


      All our programs are very interactive and customizable. Depending on client's wishes 

     we include comparisons and toolkits for selected national Cultures.

Download workshop sample

Global teams management
    Who it is for

     The content of this program makes is

     adaptable to a large number of manager

     profiles. Samples of participants:


  • US software developers managing wired teams in Eastern Europe, India, Finland


  • Construction project managers for large international companies


  • Ex-pat managers of foreign subsidiaries

      of pharmaceutical companies


  • Local managers of global corporations who embark on top tier careers


  • Managers of ad hoc teams within global advertising agencies


We offer data-driven solutions based on the worldwide research work provided by our partners.


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