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Cross-border Sales and Negotiations

Most professional salespersons are incredibly successful in their own country, or culture of origin. They have developed skills and approaches which have consistently brought them success in recruiting and maintaining clients.

However, when they go into international negotiations and face counterparts who share different values, views and practices, then outcome may become unpredictable. 

We are uniquely positioned to provide insights about how different cultural values translate into real-life business practices. 

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Negotiations for Expansion Across Nations

Expansion may take the form of global market entry, merger, acquisition, franchising, or all of them. In all cases, it is a process involving cross-border negotiations.

Our hands-on, real life cases and interactive trainings help experienced negotiators to master skills for:

  • the 'unwritten rules of the game' at every stage of the negotiation or sales process and how to apply proven methods for success across different Culture Clusters 

  • how to build Trust and relationships with partners from all over the world

  • what persuasion tactics work in various cultural settings

  • what to expect in the post-negotiation process

  • cross-cultural perceptions about contractual obligations, customer service, warranty provisions, indemnification

      and more.

Negotiations across nations


Be persuasive in any Culture        Closing sales globally      Real cases


Negotiators who might be unbeatable within their own national culture often call for special training to be effective abroad. No need to learn details about more than 200 world cultures: in our intensive programs we provide you with a simple and structured framework for making intelligent guesses about what drives the behavior of your international partners. 


A system proven in practice by professionals with killer track records in international sales.

And a must-do training for international customer relationship management.

  Modules we typically cover :

  • The Culture Clusters Matrix       and how it translates into a sales context

  • ​Negotiations in cross-cultural setting - cultural gaps and reading global mindsets 

  • Expectations related to Buyer-Seller relationship

                     Different views about business relationships around the world

                     How to build and maintain relationships with different others

  • Communications across nations

                     High and low context communication

                     Directness and feedback, body language, perceptions of time

                     Presentation skills for cross-cultural audiences

  • Building Trust across nations

  • Intercultural persuasion skills

                    Arguments that matter

                    Reaching agreement

                    Compromise and consensus

  • Expectations in the post-sales proces

  • CRM across the world

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Global Sales Negotiations managemen
    Who it is for

      Some typical profiles of participants:


  • Sales teams of companies operating or planning to expand internationally


  • Executives negotiating cross-border mergers or acquisitions  


  • Non-profit organizations' officers raising funds internationally


  • Scientists seeking financing opportunities globally


  • Investment funds' managers recruiting capital players from abroad

We offer data-driven solutions based on the worldwide research work provided by our partners.


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