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We are uniquely positioned to command the combined consequences of National and Organizational Culture for global business management.

Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions

Acording to research, more than 50% of mergers and acquisitions end up without adding value for the stakeholders. One major reason for that are differences in Culture. 

Every individual is unique and complex. And any group of people is more complex than the individuals who make it up. Imagine the differences that exist between any two organizational units composed of various people.

Now multiply that times the different nationalities should the team be mulitnational. 


Much like individuals, organizations have their specific system of codes which determine how people do their job. When two organizational units merge they inevitably face the clash between different approaches.

Our unique tools and methods measure Organizational and National Culture by rigorous and hands-on categories. Measurements help clients identify the gaps between merging corporate units and design a roadmap for bridging those gaps.

By taking the Cultural Due Diligence you can enhance the success options of your M&A. Especially, if it is a cross-border one.


We work with clients to place into framework differences existing across workplace practices such as:

  • what is understood as 'effectiveness'
  • whether they operate as open or closed systems
  • whether they have an optimum relationship with customers or there is more to get
  • what type of management style is practiced and how leadership is accepted by workforce
  • if their professional orientation is global or local​

      and many more factors which determine performance


With our interventions Organizational Culture becomes a truly operational tool of management.


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