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Global Management

Model for Global Business Management

The 6D      National Culture Model is a simple, applicable, hands-on framework for understanding what values drive the behavior of people of different origin.


The model of Prof.Hofstede has been developed and verified for over 30 years by the most rigorous standards of scientific research. It has unique quality to explain and forcast which makes it the tool of choice for the 21st century global manager.

We are uniquely positioned to command the combined consequences of National and Organizational Culture for global business management.

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Culture for Global Business Operations


Simple framework         Structured content           Real business cases 


There is consensus what a good thing it is to have a Global Mindset.

We go beyond Global Mindset awareness. We develop actual skills for global business in a way that means making informed decisons and taking manageable actions in cross-cultural encounters.

At this foundation level we train you to operate the basic tools of reading national mindsets by applying Culture in a business context.

The Culture Clusters Matrix


You get immersed in the world of human diversity. You learn the basic grammar of how the world culture groups express their mindsets. You learn how to translate this simple and structured framework in business context in order to be successful in international operations of various kinds.

The Culture Clusters      framework is a hands-on tool for developing global management competences.

      Applied skills you learn:


  • You learn to compare national mindset profiles shaped by shared values, based on the Six Dimensional Model.


  • You learn how to best utilize the assets of the American culture while communicating with people of different nationalities.


  • By using the 6D Guide      scores you can have reasonable expectations about the social behavior of others, even if you have never been to their country of origin.


  • Interactive content and business cases taken from practice train you to translate statistical values into consequences for business behavior.


  • The 7CC classification of nations is the matrix which helps you learn communication skills for seven major groups and eleven sub-groups of world cultures.


  • You get the Culture Toolkit      which guides you for most everyday business interactions within diverse teams - such as recruiting, training, motivating, getting feedback, delegating tasks and planning succession.


      This is the background of buiding your Global Mindset in order to enhance your success 

      in global business ecosystems.

Download workshop sample

Hofstede global management
    Who it is for

      For all profssionals whose business and         

      management goals take them across the

      globe. This program provides the basic 

      skills for doing business internationally.


      Here are some of our

      participants' profiles:


  • US software developers managing wired teams in Eastern Europe, India, Finland


  • HR executives facing the task of recruiting and retaining global talent


  • Salespersons doing business with foreign partners


  • Strategists making decisions about international outsourcing, mergers and acquisitions


  • Corporate executives whose ecosystem includes people of various nationalities


  • Marketers and advertising professionals who have to take their brand to a global level


  • UE/UX professionals who have to account for national traits when designing for international customers


We offer data-driven solutions based on the worldwide research work provided by our partners.


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