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Global Marketing and the World Consumer

Culture is a system of behavior codes that distinguish one group of consumers from another. Codes define the preferences and the choices consumers make, which are largely formed through their Culture of origin. 

It is vital for marketers to understand this coding if they want to be effective globally.

Our data-driven research provides the ultimate base of consumer values, covering 63 key markets around the world.

We are able to give digital expression to things like:

  • identity

  • curiosity

  • emotional expression

  • information need

  • badge appeal, and more 

With our help marketers use data to qualify which markets are culturally consistent and where differences lie.

Thus, they can identify where and how consumers are likely to react to brand messages in certain ways. Also, spotting where cultures differ, they can decide how to modify marketing campaigns to successfully transfer operations between markets.

Organizational Culture - tool for managing Strategy

Corporate annual reports and websites alike buzz with exalted statements about 'our values' and how they are shared across. The truth, however, is that values are ingrained in the human mind up to approximately teen age. 

You can not make people share certain values. 

But you can enable them to share practices. 

Through our data-driven approach, we diagnose actual organizational culture. We identify practices 'as they are', and point to realities, such as:

  • to what extent the company is driven by goals, or by process-conformity

  • what is the customer focus

  • whether innovation is encouraged, or not,

     and much more

We work with clients to define what is the optimum culture they need in order to achieve their strategic goals.

Then we assist them to apply practical levers of change which can modify coporate practices in a way that is actually supporting instead of hindering Corporate Strategy.

Cultural Due Diligence - roadmap to success in Mergers and Acquisitions

According to research, more than 50% of mergers and acquisitions end up without adding value for the stakeholders. One major reason for that are differences in Organizational, and in National Culture.

Our unique tools and methods of measuring Culture help clients identify the gaps between merging corporate units, and design a roadmap for bridging those gaps.

By taking the Cultural Due Diligence you can enhance the success options of your M&A. Especially, if it is a cross-border one.

We work with clients to help them place into framework the real practices of organizational units, such as:

  • what is understood as 'effectiveness'
  • whether they are open or closed systems
  • what type of management style is practiced and how leadership is accepted by workforce
  • whether they are gloablly or locally oriented​

      and much more

Through analysis of actual company practices, management is able to implement changes that can bridge differences and enable employees from merging units to dleiver their best performance.

Org Culture

We are uniquely positioned to manage the combined consequences of National and Organizational Culture for strategic leverage.


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