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Our Business is Culture for Business 

We love what we do


On the level of Organizational Culture we work with clients who want to transform their corporate culture into a tool supporting their Strategy.

On the level of Culture for Global Management we develop skills for top managers of global organizations, promote top performance of multinational teams, build competences for negotiating across nations, heighten engagement of workforce in order to foster innovation.

On the level of Culture for Global Consumer Insights we work with marketers to create effective and efficient marketing campaigns which target the values underlying purchase decisions across different countries.


Data-based Model of Culture

Who we are


We are part of the consultancy network of Hofstede Insights Inc., with more than seventy centres in over thirty seven countries in the world.

What clients say


Peter Huijs, Volvo Parts Logistics

"I still consider your seminar one of the best ones ever I participated in.  You gave excellent insight on how your home and company culture influence your leadership style and how this results in a match between your-self and the company, or a mismatch [..]

Looking back on what we did together in the Ardennes, I can see we were running very far ahead in the organization, as diversity and inclusive leadership since then have become very important values in the Volvo Group."

Credit by Hofstede Insights

John Flint, Senior Security Manager, London, BAT

The workshop on cross-cultural management ... was excellent and particularly relevant to anyone managing diverse teams across multiples locations.


The fact that there is a model that can reasonably predict group behaviour was a revelation - and I managed to apply it immediately and with good effect to a number of specific scenarios. 

Stoyan Angelov, Asset Risk, VIG

"VIG faced a daunting task in bringing all of its daughter companies together -  given the variety of nationalities and cultures represented [..] 

Best of all, seminars were built on interactive exercises and practical examples, which helped us relate what we were learning to our daily interactions in and outside of the office”

Credit by Hofstede Insights

Orlin Shopov, CEO, IT development

After a two-days workshop, my whole sales team transitioned their whole approach. Within months we felt so much more efficient in bargaining with our foreign counterparts. 

Thomas Köhler, former Head of Accenture Austria, Switzerland & Germany

"I used an Itim personal coach, when I was running a group of 30 partners from all over the world. He helped me building a team from a group of individuals from more than 10 nationalities including Europe, North-America and Asia/Pacific. We had bottom line responsibility ….  representing 200 Mio $ per year fee volume. He helped me, as an analytical and technical driven person, to understand the importance of soft skills and he did this in a very systematic and convincing way.

I can strongly recommend using intercultual management training".

Credit by Hofstede Insights

Dafina Damianova, CEO, lease management and recruitment agency

Of course, I knew about the Hofstede model. But knowing theory is quite different from learning best practices.  

We managed to raise our recruitment operation to a whole new levelfter we had the chance to work with Daniela 

 Knowing how to match culturally different people greatly improved our services for multinational clients.


The training on motivation contributed to our success in desiging retain strategies for international corporations.


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